Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun 04 - Mikoshiba being cutely frustrated at dating sims

I'm Nozaki Umeko pyon~


I’m sorry to post this poster again. But I’ve found a better version so why not X”D~ These pictures were taken by the 瑠衣さん, the blog’s author.

P.S: Actually, she is an amazing writer. She has written several Wasurenagusa fanfictions (in Japanese) so if you know Japanese you should give them a try (link). She wrote a lot for Okita Souji and some for others so if you are Okita Souji’s fan (like me X”D), these are worth reading. They are not typical sad fanfics like those I’ve read from Pixiv Novel (under 勿忘草 tag), and Okita is depicted pretty gentler than in the CD. I couldn’t resist reading all of Okita’s stories in one day. I think “scene setting” is the best part you can get, as well as character lines, mood setting, unpredictable story development, etc. I feel like the original story is extended itself.

I recommend 桃花にかかる雪と君と (“the Snow hanging on peach blossom and You”) and 数奇な夜 (“Unfortunate night”)

She also wrote a detailed discussion about Okita’s ending and I feel like I’ve found a soul mate for this part. She considered the CD, SS paper, Dengeki magazine’s info, historical facts, every single detail (like I’ve struggled myself) to find out the answer X”>

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I thought this type of situation might crop up...
Why would you go so far for the main character? You should 
experience youth too!
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