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"I heard your voice, so I came."

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Jean vs Eren’s childhood.


So like in the OVA we have cute baby Jean like:

image"Yaaaaaaaay!!! omelette!!"

And then we have his mom comforting him like:

image"Awww it’s okay honeyyy"


And meanwhile Eren is like:

imageDIE! DIE! This is what you deserve!


Don’t ever get up again!!


"I've never fought a duel before. You can choose the rules, 

"We will stand back to back and start walking at the call of
'Allez'. At the tenth step we will
turn and commence the

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Shintaro Kisaragi - hottest NEET you'll ever meet B) 

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Dangan Ronpa: the animation

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akihito and hiroomi 

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Usui in a suit (ღ˘~˘ღ)

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I just want to swim with you again.

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